Automobile Expo Tents

car-show-2At this year’s Corvair Motorsports car show we will have 4 marquis tents set up in which we will be displaying the different cars that feature in our automobile expo. The tents will have different classes and categories of cars in them. You are of course welcome to visit all of them but as a brief guide here is what you can expect in each tent. car parts is here.

Tent – 1 – Classic Cars

This tent will showcase classic cars from the early 1900’s up to around the 1960’s. If you’re a fan of cars from manufacturers like Triumph, Corvette, MG and the like then this is going to be where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Tent 2 – Muscle Cars

The muscle car was a constant feature in movies like The Dukes of Hazard and Gone in 60 Seconds. They weren’t the greatest at going around corners but man they were good at going fast in straight lines. The real appeal here will be the sleek lines and the low rumble of the V8’s. It’s going to get loud in this tent!

Tent 3 – Super Cars

Only the fastest, most powerful and most expensive cars make it in here. This is where you’ll see a collection of the finest Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins. If your check book doesn’t quite stretch far enough to buy one of these at least you’ll have a chance to get up close to a super car in this tent. We’ll also have some on hand that you are welcome to sit in so that you can experience what it feels like to sit in a million bucks.

Tent 4 – Modified Cars

Vehicle modification has become a passion for a growing community of folks who aren’t satisfied with stock standard cars. Come and see how they’ve taken great cars and made them even better.

We can’t wait to show off these fine vehicles and no doubt you’re looking forward to seeing them. Make sure that you secure your tickets early so that you are guaranteed entry into this year’s auto show.