Classic Car Maintenance Workshop

At Corvair Motorsports we employ a few experts in classic car maintenance. We also have some great friends from other workshops that really know their stuff too. At this year’s show we will be getting together with them to host a classic car maintenance workshop where our experts will give you some great advice on how to keep your classic car in show condition. In the meantime here are some good tips that our experts have shared with us.

Rust is the killer of classic cars, in fact all cars. If you live in a high humidity environment or somewhere near the coast then keeping rust of your car is always going to be a challenge. This is a constant battle and not a once off fix. Make sure that you wash your car regularly and polish it well afterwards. The polish will form a protective layer on the body and will protect it from rust. The underside of your car also needs to be checked regularly for any signs that rust might be developing. Clean your engine with a high pressure steam cleaner and then dry it as best you can. Spray it with a moisture repellent spray and keep all components properly oiled.

Classic cars look beautiful because of all the leather and wood finish they have. Humidity, or lack thereof, can make these look bad pretty quickly. It’s important to monitor the humidity of where you keep the vehicle. If the humidity is too high then you’re sure to develop rust on the body of the car. If the humidity inside the vehicle is regularly around 60% then you can be sure that mold will soon set in. If the humidity is too low then the leather and wood finishes will dry out and start to crack. You can maintain the ideal humidity by using a good dehumidifier.

Oil Change
Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. Even if you don’t use your classic car very often it is important to regularly change the oil. This will prevent any old oil deposits from forming. It will also ensure that your engine remains properly lubricated.

Use it
There’s no point in having a lovely car just sitting in the garage. You need to get out there and drive it. These vehicles were designed to be used and they benefit from being regularly driven. When you run the engine you drive oil throughout the system and prevent any moving parts from seizing up.

It’s vital that you store your car properly. Make sure that you keep it in a dry garage that is free from dust. It’s not good enough to leave the car outside under a cover and hope that it will last like that. Also, if the car will be standing for a long time then rather put it up on jacks instead of letting it rest on the tyres.

If you look after your classic car then you can be sure that it will reward you with years of motoring enjoyment. Eventually, even when you’re a classic, your children will also be able to enjoy it. Make sure that you come along and register for our classic car maintenance workshop so that we can help you preserve your piece of motoring history.