Highlights of Our Automotive Show

car-showWhile our main focus at Corvair Motorsports is the restoration and customisation of high performance cars, the highlight of our year is the annual automotive show that we put together. This year’s show is shaping up to be the best ever. Here are some of the highlights you can look out for.

Classic Cars
Some will still claim that “they don’t make ‘em like they used to”. Classic cars may not be as fast or as high-tech as their modern equivalents but they are certainly beautiful to look at. The feeling of driving an old school V8 with a manual transmission and no power steering is an experience that every red-blooded petrol head longs for. We’ll be showcasing some beautiful classic cars like the Jaguar E-Type, Aston Martin DB6 and Ford GT40. Not only will you be able to get up close and personal with these classic pieces of motoring history but we’ll also have experts on hand to tell you more about them.

While the more mature visitors to our show may gravitate towards the classic cars it seems that the younger car enthusiasts tend to go straight to the high performance area. We will have some serious horsepower on show in this section. There will be a special focus on Ferrari this year. These are the cars that every boy dreams of owning. OK, well maybe not just the boys. The latest models as well as some of the special editions like the Ferrari California and the Ferrari 599GTB will be there in all their glory.

Drag Racing
This year we’ve got permission from the local counsel to add a drag racing event to our motor show. The main road along the south side of the car show grounds will be closed off to regular traffic on the Saturday. We will be holding drag races in different classes. The classic cars will be competing to see which the fastest car of yesteryear is during the morning session. The early afternoon will be an open track opportunity for visitors to enter their own vehicles. The main event will be in the late afternoon when the high performance vehicles take the track. Expect plenty of tyre smoke and noise.

This year we will also have some drifiting experts showing us their stuff. If you like seeing cars go sideways almost as much as you like seeing them go forward then you’re in for a treat. These expert drivers in their specially modified vehicles will entertain the crowd by showing off high speed drifting techniques. Don’t try this at home.

Best In Show
Every year the competition seems to get better when it comes to the best in show car display. You are welcome to enter your vehicle if you think it has what it takes. Just be warned, the competition is going to be stiff. The judges will be looking for original cars with something special. Make sure that every nut and bolt has been polished and that your car shines if you’re hoping to grab a prize.

This event is at aimed at families who want to enjoy a day out filled with good food and beautiful cars. Plan to spend the entire weekend by booking your accommodation at one of the many options in the nearby town.

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